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Wednesday, July 15, 2009 12:39 AM
alright,i'm here to blog again.
Well,i keep wanting to blog but keep forgetting.TODAY!I DIDNT!YES!okay.lame.
Errmmmm,last month i have been MIA for church for 1 month and a week.Then the Second week i'm finally back to church!=).Well,this thing kinda hit me.I think God is trying to talk to me in a way through the sermons.
From that 2nd till now.All the sermons are telling me something.AND I DIDNT FALL ALSEEP!THIS IS SO SO UNBELIEVABLE!
I only remembered one of the sermon at this moment.Money!
I feel god's presence during all the sermons.
And wei chiang sended me a message and he gave me a verse.I can't remember the verse.sorry.Bad memory.heh.But its a verse that i first accepted christ.
So coincidence.
okay.i shall stop here.though i still got a lot to post.Need to sleep early.siannn.
Nights readers.=)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009 10:54 PM
Alright.Actually,i don't know what to blog about already. =(

I feel so useless.:(

Saturday, June 20, 2009 2:23 AM
Dear Readers!So Sorry that i didn't update for so so so so long!hahah!But now i'm back!BUT i still think it will only be awhile.LOL!
alright alright.what shal i blog about??ermmmm.

Then last few weeks zhen siang,teck zhen and i are attached to paragon's sushi tei for 2 weeks to help.Because they say they need our runner system.And all thanks to Desmond!!lol!Well,It's damn busy over there!Can imagine saturday 32k sales!ZOMG!That's like 2 to 3 days of Raffles city total sales la!
Well,At least i enjoyed myself working there.Cause the cooks there are freaking hilarious!But there are one to two that is gl/ll one(Not going to mention the name though u all will not know who is it even if i say).
But i end up only working there for 1 week and 1 day!ARGH!All thanks to my own outlet.So nice of them to supply so many staff to other outlets also.Supply until our own manpower sucks.Then need me to go back for runner.zzzzzzz!!
And sally the rm at paragon bought us chocolate.Thats nice of her.

Tuesday went out with the retarded gal!Would like her name to be Nathaniel.LOL!We watched Drag me to hell!Cause she got no choice.I watched almost all the movies already.Watch with her no fun one.Keep covering her eyes with her cardi.zzzz.CANNOT SCARE HER!ROFL!!!!But the cinema i think laughter are more than screaming.LOL!After movie send her home.THen i go find ah zhen liao.

Then then then....some movies recommendation for you all.
Go watch taking of pelham 123(but this show is full of swearing!i find it cool though)!Monster vs Alien!Terminator Salvation!Drag me to hell(For some people might be scary!for me is hilarious!LOL!)!State of play(so so only.not worth for weekend price.6dollars is okay).

And now..this morning my aunt called me and she shouted at me!!!And i was still not fully awake till she shouted at me.I'm fully awake la!She say the job that my cousin asking me to help him is delivery!WOOTS!SO COOL RIGHT?LOL!So i called him right after she hang up.My cousin tell me is a temp job for one month and the pay is around 1.4k!$.$$.$$.$$.$$.$$.$$.$$.$$.$$.$!I'm going to be rich!MUAHAHAH!Gold digger!LOL!going to start next week on the 25th.And i gave sushi tei schedule already la.DIE!Need to find replacement and a nice reason!XD.I'm driving a High-Ace Vehicle!Can't wait to drive!Hopefully is a manual one!not auto!Cause i'm totally bored of AUTO!

Okay.Now i dont know what to blog about already.Next month there will be quite a lot of gathering.Then going to buy tickets for our trip.So and so on.
Alright.i shall stop here.

Monday, March 09, 2009 2:11 AM
Okayokay.Good news!I PASSED MY TP!two weeks before la.haha.lazy to blog this two weeks.
Then,SATURDAY WAS MY BIRTHDAY!HAHAHAHA!okay.Lets talk about my birthday celebration.
The organizers was sky and zhen.Well,honestly speaking i was freaking surprise that the blindfold game was actually my gal.I thought you guys will bring me to my birthday present.But i was wrong.hahahaa.naughty sky ar.Plan with my gal so early ar.ah bai ar.
AH STON AND AH WEN BDAY CELEBRATION!HAHHAHA!Okay.Basically our bday,we went to some biffet restaurant and eat.Quite ex though.Then Cake time,of cause there will be SOP(Standard Operation Procedure).Smash the cake to our face.It HURTS!THANKS TO THAT YU XIANG!HE'S MAD!HE USED ALL HIS GODLY STRENGTH AND PUSH OUR FACE TO THE CAKE!AND MY NOSE IS NOT FLAT ONE LA!!MY POOR NOSE HURTS!!!!!AS FOR WINSTON!HIS FOREHEAD HURTS!I SAW THE WAY HIS HEAD GOT SMASH!SO FUNNY LA!AHHAAHAA!Alright.Then Present time.I got a Levis Belt(From everybody),Vanilla Flavor Cigar(From sky) and Mont blanc perfume!(From my darling).Then Winston got a RC car.Nissan 350Z FAIR LADY!Though his favorite is GTR.heh.
After everything,I!!!BIRTHDAY BOY HOR!Planned for a midnight outing!Not everybody went.Some only.I drove my uncle's car out with dict's car and zt's car.MUAHAAAHAHA!Went to Marina Barrage!Very nice view.After that we went to geylang and eat soya bean curd.HAHHAA!Then we all went home.But i didn't.SO early for me.hahaa.so i went rounding with sky and zhen after sending my darling and ken home.
Reach home at 7am.So tired~.But i love it!I LOVE TO DRIVE!tiring though.I Enjoyed myself that day but i was piss at one moment(Don't want to mention it,Let bygones be bygones).I shall upload the photos some other day.=)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 1:20 AM
Let's start from the afternoon.haha.
First of all,i didn't go to school cause i need to plan zhen's birthday with sky.
Then we spend almost 3 hours to settle everything in vivo.So freaking tired.Walk here and there.lol.
After that,i meet my darling at 6pm.Surprisingly,She was not late.=x.Was early instead,but i was early too.haha.After we meet up,went to macs for our dinner then movie.
We watched The Wrestler.R21!!!LOL!We got through it.
Well,i didn't quite like that movie.give it a 2 star.but you guys can try to watch it(don't watch it at weekends).
After movie,send her home.Then i went to tampines to meet zhen for prata then go home.=)

Monday, February 16, 2009 12:46 AM
HEYYYYYYY!Actually i didn't want to update my blog today.But a sudden feel of updating.LOL.
Yesterday V'day.A date with Wenxi.=)
I woke up at 10plus.Then at 11am,zhen and i board the bus to go to sky's mum flower shop.Cause i bought flowers for her.zhen bought for er sao too.Then slacking at his mum's shop till 2.45pm,i went to take bus to her place.She smsed me she will be late.LOL.So i went to a building and camp there,not to expose myself first.haha.

She reached home around 4plus.Then we finally meet up.LOL.We took bus 171 to MS to buy movie tickets first.But end up,we didn't.Cause its all full!DANG!So i drop the idea of getting the tickets first.We went to esplanade to have our dinner.Took us quite awhile to find that Italian restaurant.We were so lucky.The manager or host told us its full(cause i didn't make reservation.=x).But there is one table left for Valentines set meal.So we went up.The food at that rest was nice.i will give it a 3/5.Ambience 5/5.music 5/5.service 5/5.ya.This are the food listed on the Valentines day menu.
-Quail egg parsley
-Anchovy tobiko and red pepper coulis
-Brittany Sea Scallop and Carviar,white truffle oil
-Escargot& Chicken Mousse with Pesto
-Holland white asparagus Puree Scented with lemongrass and Steamed Asparagus Roll over prosciutto
-Oven Roasted Australian Angus Tenderloin(200 days grain fed)
Glazed with honey and fennel Crust,edamane with Eggplant mash
Dessert medleys
-Espresso Panna Cotta
-Butterscotch Pudding with caramel
-walnut Gelato
-Cocoa Chocolate Slice
That's all.We had our dinner for 3 hours.haha.very long huh.Then head to town to check for movies.End up,we didn't watch too.Cause its all FULL!So i send her home.Then i go back to tampines.That's all.haha.

Still remember what i asked you on V day?Do you believe you're the Second girl that i took number from and also the first girl i gave flowers to.And you said you don't believe.Well,kinda expected answer too.But i just want to tell you here that what i say was true.all true.I wasn't joking.As i told you,I know when to joke,when to be serious and will be serious on something rather than joking about it.Hope that you will really trust me.And the last question i asked that day,wasn't a joke too okay?i wouldn't just give a girl a kiss just because its V'day.I gave it for a reason.Its because i love you.And i'm waiting for your answer which is two more days to go.I miss you so badly,though we just met yesterday.And right now,i can't wait to meet you at tuesday.=).Hopefully,you will give me a positive answer?=).

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 12:07 PM
just a short update.haha.
I update now because somebody is viewing my blog.XD
So bored now.Playing Wahjong during lesson.LOL!Nothing to do.YAWN!
okayokay.i got to go off now...To be continued tonight.....

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